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2 Фев 2013
mysterious girl

Автор: Ba Xi

Короткое описание книги

Brief introduction of &quote;The mysterious girl&quote;: After breaking up with her boyfriend of four years, Ai Wei went to M city alone and worked there.

Inadvertently in the station took a dog, but found that the dog had turned into a fair youth Bai Ze with white hair.

Then she met the mysterious house intermediary Yi Zijing, beautiful Su Shan, and four handsome guys of the rock band ECHO.

She gradually discovered that these people have amazing variety of bizarre events also come one after another.

Known as the &quote;dream of the city&quote;, M City hided a blockbuster secret - It is said that there buried with great treasure underground of M City.

Only a girl called &quote;Tong Ling JI&quote; hold the key to open the treasure.

With the four beasts and Demons gradually gathered, Ai Wei launched a mysterious and romantic trip.

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