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2 Фев 2013
New Walford Guide to Reference Resources

Короткое описание книги

First published in 1959, &quote;Walford's Guide to Reference Material&quote; achieved international recognition as a leading bibliographic tool across all subject areas.

The &quote;New Walford (TNW) Volume 2: The Social Sciences&quote; is the second volume of the successful new, radically different Guide, which is already receiving critical acclaim.

Published in a three-volume cycle, TNW points you to an expertly chosen selection of key, quality resources - accessible electronically and in print - in each subject field.

Compiled by leading subject specialists from internationally renowned organizations, &quote;Volume 2&quote; covers 15 broad subject groupings: social sciences (generic); psychology; sociology; social work & social welfare; politics; government; law; finance, accountancy & taxation; industries & utilities; business & management; education & learning; sport; media & communications; information & library sciences; and tools for information professionals.

&quote;TNW&quote; has a much simpler subject classification than its predecessor; the classification is supplemented by a detailed topic index, and each subject grouping has a short introductory essay, highlighting the distinctive features of its reference resources.

Each resource is given a succinct description, leading the busy user straight to its key features.

This new reference book is valuable for information professionals worldwide who need to suggest resources to people who are relatively unfamiliar with the nuances of a topic and who are asking, 'Where should I start?' The focus is on resources that are most likely to be found and used within public, government, education or business information services.

It is also intended for LIS professionals responsible for developing and revising a reference collection, research workers and students.

TNW: the paper portal to a world of reference resources.

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