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2 Фев 2013
Northumberland's Hidden History

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Northumberland has a great many attractive sites that are well-recorded, and are frequently visited and written about.

However, in this new book Dr Stan Beckensall focuses upon places that are off the beaten track, not so well known, but all of enormous interest for their stunning locations and stories.

They are scattered across the county in the hills, valleys, scarplands and on the coast.

Sites featured include locations off the 'Alemouth Road' from Hexham to Rothbury; hidden valleys and waterfalls at Linhope Spout, Roughting Linn and Hareshaw Linn; seascapes; abandoned settlements and industry centres; pilgrimage routes; graveyards, and the remarkable rock formations that make up much of the landscape.

Northumberland hides some of its history in names, and these too are revealed.

Throughout are the author's reflections on the significance of what is seen and known.

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