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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Scott C Lomax

Короткое описание книги

NOTTINGHAM: THE BURIED PAST OF A HISTORIC CITY REVEALED covers the story of the part of the city which was known as Nottingham during Medieval times.

It is an accessible read and the ideal book for anyone with a general interest in the history of the city of Nottingham.

However, it will also suit professional archaeologists and students alike due to the large amount of previously unpublished material.

Key points to be discussed include Nottingham Castle, the churches and friaries of the Medieval period, the Medieval town wall, Nottingham's manmade caves, the industries which took place in Saxon and Medieval times, as well as little known facts such as Nottingham's connections to the Vikings.

This book also offers some possible answers to the never before published mysteries which archaeological work has uncovered such as the large burial site in the city centre and a mysterious village or suburb which briefly existed just outside of the city centre in the 14th century.

As featured in the Nottingham Post and on BBC Radio Nottingham.

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