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2 Фев 2013
November (Nigro)

Автор: Don Nigro

Короткое описание книги

Comedy / 3m, 6f / Unit Set / In the autumn of 1980, Aunt Liz is trapped in a nursing home in the hilly agricultural country of east Ohio while her niece Becky and Becky's revolting husband try to steal and destroy her farm.

Her life is further complicated by a harried but sympathetic young nurse, her nomadic nephew, a bewildered friend, and her sisters cranky Molly and Dorothy, a deaf mute piano player.

Memories of her beautiful and long dead Jessie also intrude, as well as her outrageous fellow inmate, Mr.

Kafka, who tries to teach her about muskrat traps and immortality.

This funny and moving play was first produced with great success at Capital Rep in Albany; it has particularly rich roles for a mature cast.

November is part of the author's cycle of Pendragon Plays; fans will recognize some of the characters from other plays in the series.

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