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2 Фев 2013
Nunslinger 10

Короткое описание книги

The year is 1864.

Sister Thomas Josephine is on her way from St Louis, Missouri, to Sacramento, California.

During the course of her journey, however, she'll find that her faith requires her to take off her wimple and pick up a gun.

Once more Sister Thomas Josephine finds herself snatched from the jaws of death by a rescuer whose identity remains a mystery.

Emerging from her ordeal she finds herself a figure of infamy.

The legend of the 'Six Gun Sister' has set the country aflame.

But not all the stories are true: someone has stolen her name, and is using it to commit murder.



Sister Thomas Josephine intended nothing more than a quiet journey out west, a trip filled with prayer, meditation, and ministering to those in need.

What she got, however, was anything but.

In the tenth story chronicling her adventures, Sister Thomas Josephine will face down a whole host of new problems - and the yellow-bellied scum who want to see her dead.

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