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2 Фев 2013
Old Cat and the Kitten

Автор: Mary E. Little

Короткое описание книги

Animal and pet lovers everywhere will delight in special story of patience and love between a boy and a stray cat that is beautifully told (School Library Journal).

At first Old Cat, forsaken by his owners long ago, wants nothing to do with Joel.

But through persistence, patience, and tenderness, Joel wins the animals heart, and Old Cat transforms from a fighting Tom to a loving, playful animal.

Old Cat eventually trusts Joel enough to bring him an abandoned kitten, starving and all alone.

Together, Old Cat and Joel nurse the kitten back to health.

When his family moves away, Joel knows he cant bring his feline friends along.

The kitten easily finds a new home, but what about Old Cat? Joel is faced with a heart-wrenching decision: leave the animal to fend for himself, or have him put to sleep? As it compassionately addresses a sensitive topic, Old Cat and the Kitten reminds us that sometimes love means making tough choices.

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