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2 Фев 2013
One Firm Anchor

Автор: R.W.H Miller

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One Firm Anchor uncovers nineteen centuries of contact between the churches and the seafarer.

This extensive introductory history goes beyond anything previously written on the subject in scope and detail.

Until now, much has been written of the sea, but little about the relationship of the seafarer to Christianity.



H Miller adeptly sets out the origins of seafaring mission in the Early Church and the medieval era.

The early modern period is also considered, leading to a detailed exploration of the developments in the nineteenth century that saw the foundation of The Missions to Seamen, the British Sailors' Society, the Apostleship of the Sea and the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen.

Particular attention is given to the work of the Catholic Church during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

These developments are set against the backdrop of the economic, technical, and cultural developments of each period and society.

Miller reveals the role of key figures, such as G.


Smith, John Ashley, Francis Goldie SJ and Peter Anson, whose determination and vision instigated real change.

One Firm Anchor is both a triumph of scholarship and a lively narrative of heroic ministry and (occasionally) erring clergy, and will appeal to historian, academic, and student alike.

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