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2 Фев 2013
One Nation Britain

Автор: Mr Richard Carr

Короткое описание книги

What is One Nation politics? What has it been, and what should be it be today? Since Ed Milibands speech at the 2012 Labour Party Conference these questions have been much asked, but not so often clearly answered.

Outlining the historical context, and offering suggestions for contemporary thinkers, this comprehensive overview shows how all three major UK political parties have made a significant contribution to the One Nation agenda over the past century and a half.

Re-asserting the One Nation tradition inherent in interventionist liberals like Keynes and Lloyd George, it encourages us to look beyond reformist high Tory politicians such as Benjamin Disraeli and sketches out precedents for current politicians in areas such as house building, local government, the living wage, a financial transaction tax, and the welfare state.

Providing an accessible guide to the One Nation ideal, Richard Carr gives those of all political persuasions some food for thought whilst pointing the way for future policy making.

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