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2 Фев 2013
Orbbelgguren Series: Book IX Child of the Shard

Автор: Stephen Christiansen

Короткое описание книги

Dar Axenhammer the second, a male dwarf, volunteers to help with the mines of a small village.

His journey leads him on an adventure beyond his comprehension.

Elemmiire, a female dark elf, struggles to find out who she is and the more she learns about her species the more she tries to be her own individual.

However, her unique abilities are beyond her understanding and threaten to take her to her breaking point.

Drathir Alure, a female dark elf bard blade, is the only known survivor of the great flood upon Anarchia.

But, as she leaves the underworld life behind, she finds that she is still a pawn in a larger scheme of things.

Aton Brightstar returns and his world has been thrown upside down.

He is driven to make life changing decisions that impact himself and those around him.

His journeys only make him wonder if these random events are connected to drive him toward a predetermined fate.

This book continues the epic adventures of the Orbbelgguren series.

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