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2 Фев 2013
Perioperative Hemodynamic Monitoring and Goal Directed Therapy

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This unique book provides clinicians and administrators with a comprehensive understanding of perioperative hemodynamic monitoring and goal directed therapy, emphasizing practical guidance for implementation at the bedside.

Successful hemodynamic monitoring and goal directed therapy require a wide range of skills.

This book will enable readers to: * Detail the rationale for using perioperative hemodynamic monitoring systems and for applying goal directed therapy protocols at the bedside * Understand the physiological concepts underlying perioperative goal directed therapy for hemodynamic management * Evaluate hemodynamic monitoring systems in clinical practice * Learn about new techniques for achieving goal directed therapy * Apply goal directed therapy protocols in the perioperative environment (including emergency departments, operating rooms and intensive care units) * Demonstrate clinical utility of GDT and hemodynamic optimization using case presentations.

Illustrated with diagrams and case examples, this is an important resource for anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, intensivists and pneumonologists as well as nurses and administrative officers.

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