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2 Фев 2013
Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens

Автор: Billy St. John

Короткое описание книги

Comedic Murder Mystery / 5m (to play 7 roles), 9f / Interior / Great storm effects, spiffy costumes and lots of fun and mystery distinguish this work by the author of Abduction, The Reunion and others.

Ever want to commit a murder? Walter, the playwright's alter ego in this madcap mystery, demonstrates just how to do someone in in your imagination, of course! After introducing the audience to tyrannical millionaire Edward Worthington's relatives, business associates and household staff most of whom have reason to wish the man dead Walter exits, only to reappear in a tuxedo as Worthington.

Gathered on a stormy evening at Worthington Manor to celebrate Edward's fiftieth birthday are his attractive wife, her playboy brother, Edward's befuddled older sister, his ex wife and his daughter, a college student.

Also present are his shady lawyer and his up tight business manager with his giddy wife and sexy southern secretary as well as the butler, the housekeeper, the maid and the cook.

Each has a motive that is barely established when the lights go out! Seconds later they come bock on to reveal the knife for the birthday cake protruding from Edward's back.

In Act II, the police detective also played by Walter investigates, eventually allowing the audience to question or accuse suspects before the killer's identity is revealed in a surprising climax.

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