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2 Фев 2013
Plumber's Helper

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Given a second chance, Roxy and Jake are determined to make the most of it.

The pages burn with passion in The Plumber's Helper, Book 1 of Blaise Kilgallen's contemporary romance series Hot Studs in Construction.

Only fools bet on impossible odds.



or do they?Jake Plummer's strong attraction for Roxanne Diamond began in high school.

He was a junior and she was a new freshman from out of town.

He couldn't tell if she was teasing him or putting on the shy act.

She ignored him, mostly, although he was a &quote; big man on campus&quote; with good looks and a winning personality.

She never gave him a tumble.

That is, until one night, she drank too much and came on to him.

Roxy attended college, got her B.


in English Literature, and met Grady Parmeter.

They lived together and wed two weeks after commencement.

Within a year, she and Grady found they were no longer &quote;compatible.

&quote; There was a fast divorce without any complications.

Jake learned a trade from his father while in high school, earned his plumber's license, and went to college at night.

Later, he was hired as a Financial Planner.

The stock market plunged, and he returned home to ponder his future.

Meanwhile, he helped his father in the plumbing business.

William and Cecelia Diamond's break-up seemed inevitable.

But they left for a month-long summer vacation to Europe hoping to salvage their marriage.

A major plumbing problem erupted when Roxy &quote;house sat&quote; the Diamond's residence at Mirror Lake.

An unexpected reunion had her and Jake burning the sexual candle at both ends, their attraction never fully explored or extinguished.

This time the unquenchable flames burn intense--higher, hotter, wilder.

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