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2 Фев 2013
poet of the Tang Dynasty:Li Bai

Автор: Hongmei Wang

Короткое описание книги

&quote;Li Bai&quote; is a biography story, describing the rough life of great romantic poet Li Bai vividly.

Li Bai was born in Central Asia in the Tang Dynasty and moved to Sichuan with his parents.

In his childhood, he loved nature in his country and determined to serve his country.

He went to Chang'an for three times, but he left with disappoint every time.

He joined the army in twilight years, hoping to pacify the rebellion.

But he was framed up and nearly was killed.

He rambled around the country many times in his life and wrote many popular and beautiful poems.

He and Du Fu sincere friendship is passed down through the ages.

Li Bai's poems are precious literary heritage of China.

Reading a good biography can give you endless wealth! No one in China does not know him, No one in China does not love him.

His poems are just like sparkling stars; Although he had great ambition of &quote;being given the talent, let it be employed! &quote; he could not find the way to serve the country; he would not &quote;gravely bow and scrape to the power&quote;, so he had to drink a lot and rambled around.

That was Da Tang Li Bai !

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