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2 Фев 2013
Pool Sex (Lesbian Erotica)

Автор: Jane Morgan

Короткое описание книги

Jen gets a call from her best friend to come hang out at the pool with her.

She is excited, so she gets her bikini that Tiff, her best friend talked her into buying and heads straight to Tiff house.

When she gets there, Tiff is wrapped up in a towel, so Jen goes to the bedroom to change into her swimsuit.

She watches Tiff drop her towel and put on her bikini also.

Jen's mind has a few uncomfortable thoughts and then they go out to the pool.

They rub down each other with suntan oil and go for a swim.

Jen has a few more thoughts and they get out of the pool.

Then Tiff's hand brushes up against Jen's chest and one thing leads to another.

They share an intimate act together Then spend the rest of the day playing and exploring one another

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