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2 Фев 2013
Raven's Banquet

Короткое описание книги

Germany 1626: A War, a Witch, a Reckoning.



Richard Treadwell is a young man who dreams of glory and honour on the battlefield-and the plunder and riches that would follow.

Newly arrived in Hamburg to seek his fortune as a mercenary in the Danish army, he joins the vast war in northern Germany between the Catholic Hapsburg empire and the Protestant princes of the north.

But he has also brought with him an old secret-and with it the seeds of his own destruction.

A young gypsy woman foretells that Richard cannot outrun his fate, and then he is swept headlong into the terrible war.

The bloodshed he witnesses among the Danes strips him of conscience and hardens his heart, as the opposing armies close for the battle to decide the future of the kingdom-and maybe his own soul.

But even as Treadwell steels himself for the final contest against the forces of the Holy Roman Emperor, an unseen enemy stalks him within his own camp.



The hero of Gideon's Angel returns to tell how his journey into the supernatural began.

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