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2 Фев 2013
Re: Quin (Robert Buckeye) - скачать книгу , читать онлайн

Re: Quin

Автор: Robert Buckeye

Короткое описание книги

The influential, daring, and lacerating novels of Ann Quin were very much products of their time-but Quin herself had more than a little influence upon shaping the era in which she lived.

Her works bracket the '60s and embrace their drive to experiment and break through to another form of consciousness, and so another means of telling stories, as J.


Ballard, and B.


Johnson were doing, and as, later-in many ways following directly in Quin's footsteps-Kathy Acker would as well.

In reading Quin we are taught to question the very enterprise of fiction itself; to read Quin one must be prepared to lose one's way.

Re: Quin is an unabashedly personal and partisan critical biography of one of the greatest and yet most neglected fiction writers of the so-called &quote;experimental&quote; wave of British novelists of the 1960s.

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