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2 Фев 2013
Reactor XK9

Короткое описание книги

Abercrombie was a strangely secretive man even for a top atom scientist.

He had peculiar, advanced theories of his own which he would communicate to no one.

The Government research project was well provided with safety factors.

In theory the Pile was safe.



but theory and practice are poles apart.

There is always room for human error.

The only man who did not run was Abercrombie.

Was he a hero or a megalomaniac? His body was never found, but inexplicable things happened after the accident.

It was as if a presence or an essence lingered over the rebuilt Project Headquarters.

The accident at the Pile and the strange rumours surrounding Abercrombie's name were all but forgotten when the Aliens appeared.

Terrible inhuman intelligences aided by powerful androids and monstrous robots threatened the Earth and Man's concept of civilised life.

Then there was another strange phenomenon at the Pile and Abercrombie was no longer forgotten.



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