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2 Фев 2013
Real Cooking

Автор: Nigel Slater

Короткое описание книги

Get cooking simple and delicious meals with Nigel Slater's "Real Cooking".

"This is real cooking.

The roast potato that sticks to the roasting tin; the crouton from the salad that has soaked up the mustardy dressing .



these are the things that make something worth eating.

And worth cooking".

(Nigel Slater).

Nigel Slater's sumptuous recipes are not about making fancy stocks and sauces or perfecting spun-sugar baskets.

They are about using the best quality ingredients to make food that is a joy to eat.

Freshness, simplicity and flavour: these are what count for Nigel Slater in the easy-to-follow and deliciously satisfying meals contained in "Real Cooking".

Nigel Slater is the "Observer's" food writer, writing a month column for "Observer Food Monthly".

"Real Fast Food" was shortlisted for the Andre Simon Award while "The 30-Minute Cook" was nominated for both the Glenfiddich and Julia Child Awards.

In 1995 he won the Glenfiddich Trophy and he has twice won the Cookery Writer of the.



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