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2 Фев 2013
Real-time Systems Scheduling

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Real-time systems are used in a wide range of applications, including control, sensing, multimedia, etc.

Scheduling is a central problem for these computing/communication systems since responsible of software execution in a timely manner.

This book provides state of knowledge in this domain with special emphasis on the key results obtained within the last decade.

This book addresses foundations as well as the latest advances and findings in Real-Time Scheduling, giving all references to important papers.

But nevertheless the chapters will be short and not overloaded with confusing details.

Coverage includes scheduling approaches for mono-core as well as multi-core platforms, dependent tasks, networks, and notably very tremendous recent advances in scheduling of energy constrained embedded systems.

Other sophisticated issues such as feedback control scheduling and timing analysis of critical applications are also addressed.

This volume can serve as a textbook for courses on the topic in bachelor and in more advanced master programs.

It also provides a reference for computer scientists and engineers involved in the design or the development of Cyber-Physical Systems which require up-to-date real-time scheduling solutions.

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