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2 Фев 2013
Recent Advances in Cytometry, Part B

Короткое описание книги

Cytometry is one of the most rapidly growing methodologies available for basic cell and molecular biology, cytogenetics, immunology, oncology, environmental sciences and also various fields of clinical medicine.

This new edition, split into 2 Parts, is an almost completely new book, with nearly all of the chapters devoted to new topics.

Like the previous volumes on cytometry published as part of the Methods in Cell Biology series, it provides a comprehensive description of particular cytometric methods and reviews their applications.

Chapters present the theoretical foundations of the described methods, their applicability in experimental laboratory and clinical settings, and describes common traps and pitfalls such as problems with data interpretation, comparison with alternative assays, and choosing the optimal assay.

Comprehensive presentation of cytometric methods covering theoretical applications, applicability, potential pitfalls, and comparisions to alternative assaysDiscusses many new assays developed since the previous editionPresents recent developments in cytometric intrumentation/technology

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