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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

A species saved but at what cost? Child of the light, Gabriel, can no longer bear the annihilation - Gabriel's tears of despair increase as the Gods' thirst for human blood escalates.

He begins a grief-filled quest through time to save his beloved humans, but Gabriel tears are not shed in vain.

They transform into protective and powerful stones for the humans, striking fear into the hearts of the mighty Gods.

The opening part of the Panopticon series, The Recidivist, is an exploration of religious, moral and political ethics throughout history, and across alternative worlds.

This story 'gets up close and personal' with historical characters - the result being a unique re-imagining of ancient myths and legends.

It is the prequel to The Penitentiary.

Forthcoming releases in the series include The Crusades and The Helotry.

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