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2 Фев 2013
Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders E-Book

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This authoritative, research-based book, written by a team of clinical experts, offers an introduction to the symptoms and causes of disordered breathing as well as the strategies and protocols that can be used to correct and restore normal breathing.

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders guides readers through a discussion of the current research that links disordered breathing patterns with perceived pain levels, fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Basic mechanics, physiology, and biochemistry of normal breathing are outlined to lay a foundation for understanding causes and mechanics of disordered breathing.

Self-help strategies with charts and workbook pages that may be photocopied as handouts are designed to help patients overcome specific breathing problems.




this second edition is particularly outstanding, providing a good basis of practical hands-on techniques, well supported by pictures and the website, and giving specific focus on sports, speech and chronic pain.

&quote; Reviewed by Janet Rowley on behalf of the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, January 2015 &quote;.


a fantastic resource which will help students, clinicians, and physiotherapists to carry out effective evaluation and treatment in an acute care setting.

&quote; Reviewed by Poonam Mehta on behalf of the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, January 2015Written by an international team of highly experienced clinicians in the fieldAddresses all the most effective aspects of therapy - physiotherapy, psychotherapy, osteopathyIncludes an introduction to the understanding of the mechanics, physiology and biochemistry of normal breathingIncludes self-help measures with charts and workbook material which may be photocopied for using with the patients

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