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2 Фев 2013
Red or Dead

Автор: David Peace

Короткое описание книги

A New York Times Editors' Choice &quote;[T]he stuff of great literature.

&quote; The New York Times |&quote;Red or Dead is a winner.

&quote; The Washington PostThe place where the swinging sixties started Liverpool, England, birthplace of the Beatles wasn't so swinging.

Amid industrial blight and a bad economy, the port town's shipping industry was going bust and there was widespread unemployment, with no assistance from a government tightening its belt.

Even the Beatles moved to London.

Into these hard times walked Bill Shankly, a former Scottish coal miner who took over the city's perpetually last-place soccer team.

He had a straightforward work ethic and a favorite song a silly pop song done by a local band, ';You'll Never Walk Alone.

' Soon he would have entire stadiums singing along, tens of thousands of people all dressed in the team color red.



as Liverpool began to win.



And soon, too, there was something else those thousands of people would chant as one: Shank-lee, Shank-lee.



In Red or Dead, the acclaimed writer David Peace tells the stirring story of the real-life working-class hero who lifted the spirits of an entire city in turbulent times.

But Red or Dead is more than a fictional biography of a real man, and more than a thrilling novel about sports.

It is an epic novel that transcends those categories, until there's nothing left to call it but as many of the world's leading newspapers already have a masterpiece.

From the Hardcover edition.

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