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2 Фев 2013
Refuge After the Collapse

Автор: Scott B. Williams

Короткое описание книги

THE RIVETING SEQUEL TO THE PULSEA STORY OF SURVIVAL AFTER THE CATASTROPHIC DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA'S POWER GRID THROWS THE COUNTRY INTO DARKNESS AND CHAOSWith the power, communication and transportation grids destroyed by massive solar flares, America has spiraled into anarchy and violence.

Artie Drager and his daughter Casey reunite after his harrowing voyage across the Caribbean and her traumatic escape from a crumbling New Orleans and a deranged abductor.

But their situation remains dire.

The Gulf Coast swamps have provided a brief respite from danger, but Artie, Casey and their small band of friends know they must keep moving to stay ahead of the urban mobs.

Although they accept Arties plan to sail to safety aboard his brothers catamaran, none are aware that vicious marauders have ransacked the boat and left his brother to die.

Meanwhile, Caseys ordeal has left her shaken.

Her courage and adaptability are tested again when the man she loves has become separated from the group.

Casey must now decide whether to stay behind to save him or continue on with her father and uncle in search of refuge.

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