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2 Фев 2013
Revitalize Your Prayer Life

Автор: Cecil Murphey

Короткое описание книги

Do you desire a better understanding of God? Do you want a glimpse into His personality? Are you ready for a more intimate relationship with Him and a richer prayer life?In Revitalize Your Prayer Life, veteran author Cecil Murphey invites you on a quest to discover the nature, character, and attributes of God and offers thought-provoking lessons and insights that will draw you nearer to Him.

With honesty and transparency, Murphey allows you an insider's view of his struggles with prayer and shows how he discovered the invigorating joy of praying anywhere, anytime.

Let the pages written by this seasoned Christian stir up your spirit and help change your focus.

Not only will you experience a refreshing difference in your communication with God, but you'll put an end to devotional boredom as well.

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