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2 Фев 2013
Roadkill Confidential

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Thriller/Mystery / 3m, 2f / A possibly rogue g-man stalks a stalled-out artist with a suspicious affinity for accident victims.

Traps are set, traps are sprung, and everyone gets caught.

Roadkill Confidential tackles, with style, humor and high theatricality, mediated violence and the numbness it produces, and, whether in art or in global politics, the ends can justify the means.

/ &quote;Roadkill Confidential, a new work by Sheila Callaghan, is intriguing to watch.



it's a sick sitcom, it's a thriller, it's a parody, it's a commentary on the art world, it's a -- this one's borrowed from the script's title page - 'noir-ish meditation on brutality.

' - The New York Times

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