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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

Winner of the 2012 Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievment In An Affiliate Theatre.

A world away from you, but a world right on your doorstep.

A powerful story of the terrifying complexities of sex trafficking today based on real experiences.

Moving away from generalised narrative accounts of trafficked women, this explosive, site-specific production combines direct, chilling performances with video and animation.

Roadkill exposes the brutal and hidden truth behind the newspaper headlines as audiences share in the intimate, harrowing details of a young woman trapped in a living nightmare.

'It's uncomfortable, vivid, nauseating and induces fist-clenching anger.

But it's also brilliant, sobering, frank, very moving, and, unfortunately, a real snippet of British society' - What's On Stage'Brutal and compelling' - Evening Standard'Immersive theatre at its most powerful' 4 stars - Financial Times

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