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2 Фев 2013
Saddle Club Book 12: Rodeo Rider

Автор: Bonnie Bryant

Короткое описание книги

Carole, Stevie and Lisa can t believe their luck when they get another chance to visit their good friend Kate Devine at her family s ranch.

The Bar None.

It s a perfect time to visit, since the annual rodeo has come to town.

Eli Grimes, who works at The Bar None, will be in the rodeo, and the girls can t wait to watch him compete.

But the girls hear some bad news when they arrive.

The Bar None has lost a lot of business to a flashy new ranch closer to town.

The Devines may not be able to keep their ranch running much longer.

That s when The Saddle Club including new member Christine Lonetree comes up with a plan to help.

They ll enter the rodeo s barrel-racing contest and carry off the cash prize! Can Christine, Kate, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa pull out all the stops and win big for The Bar None?

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