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2 Фев 2013
Samson & Delilah's Haunted B & B

Автор: Jesse W. Thompson

Короткое описание книги

An escaped lunatic murders two prostitutes at Lovland Lodge.

Sam and his two fishing buddies meet Delilah and Annabelle who have inherited the beat-up old lodge east of Sacramento.

Business is dead.

The sisters face foreclosure.

When Lovland Lodge becomes Samson and Delilah's Haunted Bed and Breakfast, its new name pulls in gobs of guests.

The weird lights and noises at night give chills and thrills for believers and skeptics alike, even if they're not too sure of what's going on.

The real enemy is plain as day.

It's Annabelle's dirty rotten husband.

She kicks him out and files for divorce, but he keeps trying to steal the property.

He kidnaps her and piles $100,000 ransom on top of the $280,000 balloon payment required to pay off the mortgage.

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