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2 Фев 2013
Schools and the Problem of Crime

Автор: Stephen Boxford

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What causes young people to offend? What influence do schools have on young peoples' offending behaviour in relation to other possible causal factors? These critical criminological and educational questions are addressed in Schools and the Problem of Crime.

The book examines the causes of offending in the school context among 3,103, male and female, Year 10 pupils (age 14-15), in twenty state schools in Cardiff.

The findings of one of the largest empirical studies of its kind in the UK are used to examine the role of schools, family background, neighbourhood, young peoples' social situation and dispositions, and lifestyles on pupils' offending behaviour.

Critically, the interplay and relationships between these causal factors are disentangled in gaining a greater understanding as to why some young people offend in the school context and why some young people do not, as well as examining why some schools experience higher offending rates than others.

The book employs an integrative analytical approach which is theoretically led.

Through gaining an understanding of the factors that cause young people to offend it is envisaged that future crime prevention strategies can be better informed and targeted.

major contribution to understanding youth crime and delinquency on basis of major Cambridge University research study focus on lifestyle factors important policy implications

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