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2 Фев 2013
Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Автор: Joseph S. Renzulli, Sally M. Reis

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The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: A How-to Guide for Educational Excellence (3rd ed.

) presents an inspirational model for helping students achieve in today's schools.

Based on years of research, the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) is founded on highly successful practices developed for programs for gifted students and promotes &quote;a rising tide lifts all ships&quote; approach to school improvement.

This guidebook shows educators step-by-step how to develop their own SEM program based on their own local resources, student population, and faculty.

Instead of treating students as simply test numbers in a system, the model helps educators look at student strengths and interests and capitalize on them.

The book highlights the model's fundamentals and underlying research and provides information about the model's school structures, organizational components, and service delivery.

The book suggests methods for engaging and challenging identified gifted students and provides practical resources for teachers using the SEM.

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