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2 Фев 2013
Scorpio Moons

Короткое описание книги

Scorpio Moons is a collection of dark, secretive and passionate tales of the deeds of driven women in their search for self-empowerment.

In an astrological sense, the moon embodies the interior of the soul; the mother of existence, the yin energy of the universe.

Scorpio energy is deep, intensely loving, transformative and potentially destructive.

It is believed that women with the moon in Scorpio, whilst fearlessly passionate and highly creative, may also become consumed with jealousy and hell-bent on revenge.

With their intuitive ability to see into your soul, they can make for the most fiercely loyal of friends and the most deadly of sworn enemies.

Committed to the constant of change, equally powerful in the creative and destructive elements, they are the Goddesses of Transformation.

The secret to their strengths lies in their invisible thread of endurance; their effortless embodiment of resilience will ensure they will always be on the cutting edge of life.

Scorpio Moons offers a forbidden glimpse into the interior of the lives of those among us.

It casts a silvery light into the darkest corners, illuminating their secret desires, revealing their indulgences and highlighting the drama of their deeds.

While speaking of the nature of these powerful individuals, it also reveals their hidden connections and unveils the transformational flow of their collective force.

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