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2 Фев 2013
SEAL of Approval

Автор: Bobbi Romans

Короткое описание книги

Fawna hadn't exactly been aware that she'd become complacent in life.

Her job as a physical therapist was richly rewarding, though backbreaking and her relationship though a bit routine was long term.

In her eyes life was.




At least until her routine-long term boyfriend decided he'd found what he wanted in a completely different woman.

Jolted by the sudden change and determined to soldier on she finds herself sent for a tailspin the moment she meets a true hero and alpha if there ever was one.

The most unconventional of shining knights, Kyron Miller has managed to open her eyes to how comfortable, how boring, she'd become.

Too bad her wounded warrior's confidence has declined.

No matter, Fawna's entire career is built on pushing the limits of others.

She has every intention of showing him that he's far more powerful than he believes.

Before long, both realize precisely how strong Kyron's dominate nature truly is.

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