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2 Фев 2013
Secrets of Silk

Автор: Allison Hobbs

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Affairs, deceit, scheming, murder, and sexits all here in this spicy, suspenseful read that will have fans of bestselling author Allison Hobbs both fascinated and disturbed by one hot murderess.

Fiery vixen Silk Moreaux will do anything to get what she wants.

Lying, stealing, and even killing dont weigh on her conscience.

But when a prophetess, Big Mama, warns her that shell come to a tragic end if she doesnt change her wicked ways, Silk moves to a small town in Pennsylvania to reinvent herself.

With a sweet, loving, childlike temperament, Silk endears herself to the communityespecially the men, who slyly compete for her affection, bearing gifts and offering money for just a little bit of her time.

She becomes especially close with grieving widower Raymond Dixon, who expects a hefty insurance payout.

When Raymond receives his windfall, Silk rushes him to the altar.

But when the money begins to dwindle, she devises a schemeinvolving a handsome hustler, Tate Simmonsto ensure that she maintains the comfortable lifestyle shes become accustomed to.

Together, Silk and Tate plot a callous murder that could be their biggest payday ever.

Can Silks greed ever be satisfied or will the karmic scale finally tip, resulting in her prophesied destruction?

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