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2 Фев 2013
Secrets on 26th Street

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As war rages in Europe, an eleven-year-old girl is swept into the New York suffragist movementEleven-year-old Susan O'Neal is sick of always having to look after her two younger sisters.

But ever since their father died, her mother depends on her.

To make ends meet, she's just taken a boarder, an Englishwoman named Beatrice Rutherford, into their Chelsea tenement apartment.

Susan and Bea become fast friends, but when Susan finds a folded piece of paper with six cryptic wordsmust be kept secret for nowshe wonders what her new friend is hiding.

Is Bea a spy? Is she trying to involve Susan's mother in something dangerous? Susan's fear becomes a reality when her mother vanishes on the day five thousand women from every state in the Union come to New York for a suffrage rally.

A riot erupts, and Susan knows something truly momentous has happened.

Terrified for her mother's safety, she begins a search that exposes some hard truths about her cityand their new boarder.

This ebook includes a historical afterword.

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