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2 Фев 2013
Seduction of Arabella Quinn

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Nick Fuller is playing a dangerous game, one he intends to win.

But when the seducer becomes the seduced, he'll have to find another way to get what he needs.

Caryn Carter pens a passionate story of suspense in The Seduction of Arabella Quinn.

Nick Fuller doesn't think Kevin Pitre, the man convicted of Nick's fiance's death, has paid his debt to society with a mere seven years in prison.

Suddenly handed an opportunity to put the killer back in jail, along with the woman Nick believes is equally responsible for his fiance's death, he devises a strategy to catch them both.

First, he will convince Arabella Quinn she's in danger and the safest place for her is aboard his yacht until the danger has passed.

Then, once she is under his control, he will seduce her and gain access to her home where he's certain he will find the evidence to send both her and Pitre to jail.

Nick's confidence in both his scheme and his ability to seduce Arabella Quinn is absolute.

Until he gets her on his yacht, in the bedroom, flat against the wall for their first sexual encounter.

And then the truth hits him.

It is he who has been seduced.

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