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2 Фев 2013
Selected Works of Cao Yu

Автор: Yu Cao

Короткое описание книги

&quote;Selected Works of Cao Yu&quote; The character which Cao Yu portrayed is mostly complex and multi-faceted.

The drama characters are full and three-dimensional.

For example, although the selfishness and conservative of Zeng Hao is disgusting, but his miserable old age is indeed cause for regret; the awakening of Rui Zhen and Su Fang is not entirely conscious, which is due to the forced Living environment.

These descriptions are exactly in line with the true of the community and life.

&quote;Beijing Man&quote;, the drama features are not as strong as &quote;Thunderstorm&quote;, which basically restores the original life, thinks more about the fate of the characters.

Cao Yu succeeded by resentment and enthusiasm of life in &quote;Thunderstorm&quote; period into the thinking and exploration in &quote;Beijing man&quote; period.

&quote;Selected Works of Cao Yu&quote; is a collection of the first, second and fourth act of the &quote;Thunderstorm&quote; and all of the &quote;Beijing Man&quote;.

Due to the space constraints of the &quote;Selected Works of Cao Yu&quote;, the third act of the &quote;Thunderstorm&quote; is done with an outline of the content on the convergence of reading, although some inevitable regret, but I still believe that young readers can feel completely Cao Yu's unique artistic charm.

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