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2 Фев 2013
Selected works of Shen CongWen

Автор: Congwen Shen

Короткое описание книги

&quote;World Youth Literary Classics: Selected Works of Shen Congwen&quote; Author Shen Congwen made remarkable achievements on the novel aspects and became a focus of contemporary literature.

Not only that, his proses are also unique in style.

Strolling in Shen Congwen's prose world, we can not only enjoy the picturesque scenery, picturesque beauty, but also can hear chirping insects, trained birds singing, bubbling water.

In the &quote;Xiang Travelogue&quote; and &quote;Western&quote; and other essays focus, with real brush strokes, Shen Congwen depicts the era of Xiangxi real social life picture and strong local flavor and a strong national spirit, infects the readers, accesses to the widely praised.

And, Shen Congwen involves in all aspects of life and lives and the sincere feelings and profound comprehension of life are also an important reason for the infection of readers.

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