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2 Фев 2013
Separation of Enantiomers

Короткое описание книги

In one handy volume this handbook summarizes the most common synthetic methods for the separation of racemic mixtures, allowing an easy comparison of the different strategies described in the literature.

Alongside classical methods, the authors also consider kinetic resolutions, dynamic kinetic resolutions, divergent reactions of a racemic mixture, and a number of &quote;neglected&quote; cases not covered elsewhere, such as the use of circularly polarized light, polymerizations, &quote;ripening&quote; processes, dynamic combinatorial chemistry, and several thermodynamic processes.

The result is a thorough introduction to the field plus a long-needed, up-to-date overview of the chemical, biological, and physical methods and their applications.

Newcomers to the field, students as well as experienced synthetic chemists will benefit from the highly didactic presentation: Every method is presented in detail, from relatively simple separation problems to advanced complex resolution methods.

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