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2 Фев 2013
Sex And Other Changes

Автор: David Nobbs

Короткое описание книги

Every time someone changes sex, there's one less freak in the worldMeet the Divots.

They seem a happily married couple, in their cosy suburban home in a cosy suburban town.

Then, one day, everything begins to change.

Nick drops his bombshell.

He wants to become Nicola.

Alison is extremely upset, naturally.

But she has more reason than most to be upset, because she has a secret too.

She wants to become Alan.

Nick has pulled the rug from under her.

However, she's always been the supportive type and she'll wait her turn.

Will Nick become Nicola? Can Alison become Alan? Can both partners in a marriage change sex and save their marriage? What effect will this have on their children, the sexy Emma and the hi-tech loner Graham? There are dramatic changes in store for them too - and for Alison's father, Bernie.

In the spirit of David Nobbs' acclaimed novel Going Gently, Sex and Other Changes is a funny, touching and compassionate study of what being a man and a woman really means.

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