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2 Фев 2013
Sex Trafficking in Postcolonial Literature

Автор: Laura Barberan Reinares

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At present, the bulk of the existing research on sex trafficking originates in the social sciences.

Sex Trafficking in Postcolonial Literature adds an original perspective on this issue by examining representations of sex trafficking in postcolonial literature.

This book is a sustained interdisciplinary study bridging postcolonial literature, in English and Spanish, and sex trafficking, as analyzed through literary theory, anthropology, sociology, history, trauma theory, journalism, and globalization studies.

It encompasses postcolonial theory and literature's aesthetic analysis of sex trafficking together with research from social sciences, psychology, anthropology, and economics with the intention of offering a comprehensive analysis of the topic beyond the type of Orientalist discourse so prevalent in the media.

This is an important and innovative resource for scholars in literature, postcolonial studies, gender studies, human rights and global justice.

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