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2 Фев 2013
Shadows of an African Sun

Автор: Emery Sanborne, Philippa Grey-Gerou

Короткое описание книги

Our intrepid trio is off on another adventure! Between an ancient artifact, an old enemy, and the presence of Peter and Graeme, Diana's relaxing trip to Zanzibar has just become very complicated! Shadows of an African Sun is the next installment in the intensely edgy, paranormal romance series, Rule of Three.

It's been six months since the horrific events in Italy, which have strained the relationship between Diana Glendower and Graeme Shepherd.

To escape, Diana travels to Zanzibar with her old college friend, Tana Suleyah, to obtain rare African artifacts for an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A relatively harmless museum acquisition soon becomes anything but when Diana runs into Peter Oberon.

Peter is as charming and arousing as ever, but his presence in Zanzibar is no coincidence.

Neither is the appearance of Michael Ruslan, an old foe of Oberon and Graeme's, upping the stakes on Diana's quest even further.

In a surprising admission of weakness on Oberon's part, he insists that Diana summon Graeme to Zanzibar.


Reunited again, the three must not only navigate the complexities of their developing relationship, but survive the bloodthirsty pursuit of one man determined to lay his hands on the ultimate power.

Content Notes: Menage, M/M

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