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2 Фев 2013
She Wins Some

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Winifred Lange had no intention of letting anything get in the way of her career.

She'd risen to every challenge, and she'd made a good name for herself.

But lately, a nagging feeling of &quote;something missing&quote; had been finding its way into her thoughts.

And, her mother's constant attempts at fixing her up with an appropriate mate were starting to get tired.

Maybe she was missing something-a man.

Then one day, a mysterious letter appears and Win's life is turned upside down.

Her heart knows Alex is the man of her dreams as her mind tries to convince her otherwise.

But there's no mistaking the sparks, the chemistry between the two.

It doesn't take long for the fire between them to heat up.

But Win is torn between the career she'd taken so long to build and the man of her dreams.

Then, business gets in the way when Win is called upon to run an overseas office for her firm.

She won't abandon the career she'd sworn herself to so long ago, but how does she leave the man she'd fallen for? Easy-she convinces herself that love can wait.

Amidst office politics, Win leaves Alex behind.

Maybe her head is &quote;on-board,&quote; but can she convince her heart that she's done the right thing?

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