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2 Фев 2013
Showdown at Guyamas

Автор: Paul Lederer

Короткое описание книги

In the thrilling first installment in this genre-busting series, Spectros journeys to Mexican mining country to confront the conjurer who kidnapped his bride A narrow carriage rumbles through the treacherous mountains of Sonora.

Inside, surrounded by countless books and pieces of scientific equipment, rides Dr.

Spectrosthe most brilliant magician of the Old West.

For years, he has pursued the fiendish sorcerer Blackschuster, who long ago stole the only woman the doctor ever loved.

Spectros has now chased his nemesis to Mexico, where he discovers a town just as rotten as the conjurer who hides there.

Blackschuster has come in search of the silver he requires to keep the bride of Spectros trapped in eternal sleep.

With the help of his associates, the gunslinger Ray Featherskill, the knife expert Inkada, and the hulking bruiser Montak, Spectros corners his enemy, but defeating him will take a magic more powerful than any the world has ever seen.

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