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2 Фев 2013
Simplification, Explicitation and Normalization

Автор: Margherita Ippolito

Короткое описание книги

The search for general laws and regularities in Translation Studies gained new momentum in the 1990s when Baker (1993) promoted the use of large electronic corpora as research tools for exploring the linguistic features that render the language of translation different from the language of non-translated texts.

By comparing a corpus of translated and non-translated English texts, Baker and her research team put forward the hypothesis that translated texts are characterized by some &quote;universal features&quote;, namely simplification, explicitation, normalization and levelling-out.

The purpose of this study is to test whether simplification, explicitation and normalization apply to Italian translations of children's books.

In order to achieve this aim, a comparable corpus of translated and non-translated works of classic fiction for children has been collected and analysed using Corpus Linguistics tools and methodologies.

The results show that, in the translational subcorpus, simplification, explicitation and normalization processes do not prevail over the non-translational one.

Therefore, it is suggested that the status of translated children's literature in the Italian literary &quote;polysystem&quote; (Even-Zohar, 1979, 1990) and, from a general viewpoint, all the cultural, historical and social conditions that influence translators' activities, determine translation choices that can also tend towards processes different from those proposed by Baker.

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