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2 Фев 2013
Siren of Gaul

Автор: Lisa Cach

Короткое описание книги

National bestselling author Lisa Cach continues the erotic, passionate story of a young Roman Empire slave with a prophetic gift, whose sexual adventures lead her to love, heartache, power, and lossever hoping for true love.

Beautiful Nimia is sent by the King of Gaul to the court of King Alaric II, to seduce him into handing over Sygariusher first master, who had cruelly betrayed her, and to whom Alaric has given sanctuary.

She is also there as a spy to gain information to help conquer Alarics kingdom.

Intelligent, devoutly religious, and sexually inhibited, Alaric presents Nimia with a fresh challenge.

She must use the most subtle of her erotic skills to seduce him, only to find herself being seduced as welland possibly falling in love? When Sygarius is handed over to her, Nimia finds herself torn between vengeance and forgivenessand reluctant to leave Alaric, who just might be the love of her life.

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