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2 Фев 2013
Sisters Mallone

Короткое описание книги

The Mallone sisters look Irish, but dont let their blue eyes fool you.

Its all in how you say it, their grandma Anona proudly says.

Ma-llone is Irish.

Mal-lon-e is Italian.

Growing up Italian in the 1920s, in Hells Kitchen, an Irish enclave, requires toughness, thrift, and a calculating mindeven for the three beautiful Mallone sisters.

And when their baby sister Gracie is swept off her feet by no-good Frankie Merelli, Helen and Mary will do anything to make sure Grace gets the life she deserves, even if that means going after her husband The Sisters Mallone is a black comedy about the power of sisterhood and the importance of familyand family connections.

Through irrepressible characters, and infectious and suspenseful writing, The Sisters Mallone reveals the American immigrants dreamwith a twist.

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