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2 Фев 2013
Spacemen Visit Christmas Gr. PK-8

Автор: Elizabeth Russell

Короткое описание книги

Capitalize on the special abilities and talents of each student with this humorous and entertaining play that provides opportunity for every student in the school to participate.

Comedy, dancing, singing, choral speaking, and the Nativity Scene contribute to the enjoyment of the program.

There is a great deal of flexibility within the play for teachers to &quote;do their own thing&quote;, rather than sticking to a pre-determined script.

The storyline is approximately 25 minutes in length and the teacher(s) may choose to use the suggestions provided, or take the opportunity to create his or her class's contribution within the parameters of the plot, thus enabling the show to be part of the classroom curriculum or linking the production to many requirements of the school curriculum.

This Holidays concert provides production notes, list of characters, costumes, props and stage set, as well as complete scripts, designed to increase student's reading comprehension in a highly creative manner.

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