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2 Фев 2013
Spoken Word Production and Its Breakdown In Aphasia

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This volume combines in-depth reviews of models of spoken word production and cognitive neuropsychological disorders of spoken word production.

The first section provides a detailed discussion of the development and structure of current models of language production using data form &quote;normal&quote; subjects.

It is these models that form the basis of the study and therefore the text attempts to explain their processing mechanisms and assumptions clearly.

The evidence used for the development of these models is described including experimental studies and observation of patterns in naturally occurring speech errors.

; The second section focuses on studies of aphasic naming disorders and discusses these disorders in terms of the model described in the first section.

The emphasis is on single case studies.

These are reviewed in three chapters examining semantic errors and disorders, the range of symptoms attributed to disorders of lexical retriveal and deficits of phonological encoding.

The text assumes that the reader has some familiarity with the linguistic and psychological terminology relevant to these areas and therefore is most suited to the graduate student or researcher/lecturer.

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